The Program

Woman measuring perfect shape of beautiful hips. Healthy lifestyles concept

Are you fed up with always being on or off a diet?
Are you carrying around too much weight and emotional baggage?
Would you like to get rid of that once and for all?
I can help you without going on a very low calorie diet, without feeling hungry, using ways that work for you.

The 10/12 week program I have designed will be personally tailor made for you. As I believe we are all different. Some people might think that they don’t want to be different, but fact is we really are. No one has had your experiences in life. They might be similar but not the same.

Your 10/12 weeks will involve an assessment, a brief fitness assessment, a brief health check (Blood pressure, Glucose test, Heart rate), we will look at habits/behaviours, mindfulness, nutrition, stress, and maintenance. Including other issues. In all these sessions there will be education and therapy, because I believe we over eat for a reason. It will be my job to help you find what that is and support you to change that behaviour forever so you can stop feeling weighed down.

I will NOT be making you do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable.